Fitness Instructor
Lauren Archer

For Lauren, fitness isn’t just an item on her to-do list every day. It’s a way of life. She uses weightlifting, cardio, Pilates, and yoga as methods to stay mentally and physically fit but also as opportunities to practice focus, perseverance, and overcoming adversity. Lauren has been teaching others to move their bodies since 2008. She continues to train and receive coaching herself to maintain a student’s mindset and best relate to her clients. She currently holds a 200-Hour RYT, 500-Hour Pilates, Yoga for a Happy Back, a Personal Training certification through NASM, as well as a BA in Political Science and Spanish.

Lauren’s commitment to growth in her own fitness, teaching, and life overall allow her to coach others through challenging workouts with an infectious sense of calm and confidence. Lauren teaches how to build a strong foundation through helpful cues and demonstrations. She allows participants to be introspective and explore what they are feeling in their bodies throughout all her classes. Her yoga class encourages participants to remain mindful throughout their practice and notice how their bodies and minds are responding to the practice without judgment. A Pilates session with Lauren will emphasize a continued awareness of the mind-body connection encouraging participants to ask questions throughout the class in order to be transparent about the purpose of each exercise.

Having worked with clients of all ages and ability levels, Lauren thrives on the opportunity to be creative in meeting clients’ needs and helping them to achieve their goals. Training with Lauren is an interactive experience in which she will take your input and feedback so that you feel safe, successful, and have fun. But she will also push you to surprise yourself with what you might be capable of. People often see weightlifting, cardio, pilates, and yoga as very different training methods, but Lauren’s favorite part of training on her own as well as teaching others is the synergy created by using all of these modalities in conjunction with one another. Whether you come to Lauren for one specific style of training or all of these, you will benefit from a teacher with thousands of hours of experience and a multifaceted approach to fitness and movement.

Fun fact: Lauren speaks Spanish fluently and enjoys walks with her husband, Sam, and dogs, Brick and Betty.