Fitness Instructor
Veronica Ceseña

Veronica Ceseña is a certified 500-Hour (RYT 500), Prenatal (RPYT), Children’s (RCYT) Yoga Teacher, and sound healing practitioner-having. studied traditional sound healing techniques from a Tibetan Buddhist. She is also a graduate of the University of San Diego with a BA in Communication Studies and a minor in Business Administration & Marketing. Although she holds numerous certifications, has many years of dedicated practice, and over a thousand hours of detailed training and studies, Veronica always approaches her yoga mat with a humble student mindset.

It is Veronica’s passion to honor the Eastern teachings of yoga through her classes. For Veronica, yoga is not solely about the poses and one’s flexibility of the physical body. Though rather, how one can become flexible in mind and spirit to incorporate the various limbs of yoga as means to experience a life of awareness, kindness, purpose, and meaning. She is continuously grateful for the opportunity to help guide others in discovering their own yoga practice and committed to holding a supportive space where people feel welcomed.

Veronica values creating a space that encourages curiosity, playfulness, and expression to allow each student to connect with themselves. She takes the time to share the ancient practice and philosophies of yoga with her students that allows them to further explore their personal experience throughout the physical postures. Students can expect a space where they can have fun, connect with themselves on a spiritual level, and become curious about what their yoga journey is to them. Her approach to sound healing is guided by intentions that are intuitively felt from the energy within the room. Tibetan singing bowls and other sound healing instruments are played in order for people to experience a sense of release, relaxation, and peace. It is Veronica’s belief that sound healing, as well as the practice of yoga, provide an avenue for people to connect with themselves on a deeper physical, mental, energetic, and spiritual level.

In addition to her regular classes at Rancho Valencia, Veronica teaches private and corporate sessions, including for resort members and guests through sound healing, meditation, and nature yoga hikes on the resort’s beautiful grounds. Veronica also teaches yoga and meditation to children and teens, including young athletes given her familiarity with an athlete’s mindset as she grew up playing tennis and competitive soccer. She believes that the sooner we can teach people about enjoying the small things in life (such as mindfulness and breath) the better!