Fitness Instructor
Olga Lomakin

Olga has been a part of the wellness and fitness world for over eight years. Before this fulfilling career, she received her BS in Mechanical Engineering and spent her professional life designing and analyzing mechanical systems working as a mechanical and computer engineer in various companies. Having a passion for working with people to support their physical and emotional state she moved out of the industrial world to fully engage in her career in health and wellness.

On this journey, she received multiple certifications that qualified her to teach a diverse range of workout formats, such as barre, personal training, dance cardio, corrective exercise, HIIT, strength and flexibility, and beyond.

Olga enjoys teaching her class around alignment principles and assists participants with a variety of verbal and physical cues. She loves when people ask questions during class to ensure a full understanding of how each movement is benefiting the body. Olga’s classes are supportive, powerful, and energetic. She focuses on encouraging her students to push past what is comfortable, as change and transformation lie just beyond that threshold.
Guests can expect a full-body workout that includes sweat, fun, and a mix of current songs- Olga creates a new playlist for every class! It was through Barre classes that she came to realize the true power and healing that comes through the combination of movement, music, and community. Practicing and teaching barre helped her immensely in her own fitness journey. Olga wants to make her life’s work rooted in helping others unleash their true inner potential and get desired results.