Fitness Instructor
Lindsey Jacobs

A San Diego native, Lindsey returned to sunny SoCal after graduating from the University of Miami with a dual major in Communications and Psychology. Yoga Sculpt Teacher Training solidified Lindsey’s calling to become a yoga teacher and she hasn’t looked back since. She completed over 500 hours of additional training as an Experienced-Registered Yoga Teacher for adults and for children.

Lindsey is known as a passionate, outgoing, and nurturing teacher whose classes engage and inspire her students. Her overall goal is to set her students up for success. She teaches all of her classes to the midline and adds progressions and regressions throughout the class to help cater to all skill levels. Regardless of what she may be teaching, students can expect to get a challenging workout or practice that leaves them feeling successful, not defeated. There is always a smooth balance of strength and surrender.

Her personal journey with yoga has allowed her to integrate and heal her own wounds in a beautiful, positive, and constructive way which has resulted in feeling connected, empowered, and more fulfilled. She recognized the importance of shining this work on young women during their formative adolescent years and has made it her life’s purpose to guide and empower them.

Outside of the studio, Lindsey enjoys volunteering with kids, running on the beach,