Fitness Instructor
Nikki Griggs

Nikki has been teaching Pilates and fitness for over 10 years. She began practicing Pilates in college and since getting certified in 2009, she has continued to study under top master trainers and physical therapists. Nikki holds a Classical PMA Pilates Certification, is Pre & Post Natal certified, and has experience working with injuries and injury recovery.

She considers herself a lifelong student of movement and fitness and is grateful for the wide array of clients she has been fortunate to train. Nikki takes an integrative approach to fitness while focusing on core strength and functional mobility training. Rooted in classical Pilates, Nikke focuses on form, flow, and fluidity. There is constant movement throughout her class. She believes the mind-body connection is important for all fitness modalities. Her energy and positivity make her classes and training sessions enjoyable and effective.

Fun fact: Nikka and her husband William have two daughters, Summer and Lily. They love being outdoors as a family and focus on maintaining a healthy body for a healthy mind.