Tucked away amid lush gardens and olive groves lies an enchanting oasis of self-discovery, wellness, fitness, and relaxation—The Spa at Rancho Valencia. Celebrating the revitalizing benefits of herbs, flowers, oils, and minerals that make up the world’s canvas, The Spa offers tempting choices to soothe the spirit, rejuvenate the body and enrich the mind.

Every detail at our Forbes 5-Star rated Southern California spa resort is meticulously tailored to create the ultimate destination for wellness and tranquility, starting with the basics like freshly-made organic fruit and vegetable juices, to the Serenity Yoga Pavilion, Pilates studio, advanced exercise programs, and fitness sessions hosted by top-tier wellness professionals.

Rancho Valencia invites you to experience our newly-renovated Spa, unveiled on June 1st, 2021. The new, enhanced 5-star Spa (as if it could get any better!) includes an expanded state-of-the-art fitness center, brand new Salon with blow-dry, manicure and pedicure services, expanded retail area and expanded men’s and women’s locker rooms, lounges, and relaxation area. We are thrilled to welcome you back!


Contact our spa concierge at 858.759.6490 or email at


Spa and Spa Pool: 7 am 8 pm

Fitness Center: 6 am – 8 pm

Spa Appointments 7:30 am – 6:45pm

Skin and Facial Therapies

Gentlemen's Facial
Relax and refresh with a deep cleansing treatment designed for the unique needs of our male clients. Includes a revitalizing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage to relieve stress. Please kindly refrain from shaving 24 hours prior to the facial.
60 minutes, $210 / $225
90 minutes, $300 / $315
Luminous Lift Facial
This rejuvenating treatment infuses the skin with all the benefits of microinjection without the syringe. Powerful active ingredients including growth factors and triple weight hyaluronic acid combined with innovative massage techniques soften expression lines and visibly lift the skin. Suggested booster— LightStimTM LED Light Therapy.
60 minutes, $250/ $265
Microdermabrasion Facial Series
Smooths and softens the skin with a patented diamond-tipped wand to reveal a more luminous complexion with no downtime. Series of six offered in an option of 60-minute or 90-minute treatments. LightStimTM LED included in 90-minute treatments. Recommended for optimal results and special occasions.
$1380 for a series of six 60-minute treatments / $1735 for a series of six 90-minute treatments
Signature Facial
This tailored treatment is both luxurious and results-oriented. Skin is radiantly regenerated with a skin-softening honey and goji berry mask followed by a refining polish. An herbal mask balances the skin in preparation for nourishing peptide serums and Vitamin C for a toned, dewy complexion.
60 minutes, $210 / $225
90 minutes, $300 / $315
The Expert
Experience the gold standard in non-surgical, anti-aging therapy. This innovative combination of facial technology includes a detailed consultation with a master esthetician who will incorporate crystal-free diamond microdermabrasion, microcurrent, and LED technology to refine, lift and tone your skin. The results are smooth, firm, youthful-looking skin with a radiant glow. Every session with our expert estheticians is customized just for you for an immediately visible difference and cumulative benefits over time.
90 minutes, $495 / $510
Valencia Diamond Lift
Indulge in a genuine multisensory cosmetic lift that provides instant rejuvenation and clarity. This luxurious treatment will improve elasticity, reduce expression lines and restore hydration. Suggested booster— Lift + Tone.
90 minutes, $365 / $380
Additional waxing services available upon request.
White Diamond
An illuminating diamond facial that diminishes the appearance of hyperpigmentation while leaving the skin with a flawless, radiant glow.
90 minutes, $340 / $355

Facial Boosters

Lift & Tone
A microcurrent boost that increases muscle firmness and produces an immediate lifting effect.
30 minutes, $85
LightStim LED Light Therapy
Light-emitting diode (LED) phototherapy improves cellular health to reduce the signs of aging, relieve pain and eliminate acne.
30 minutes, $85
Minimizes fine lines, lightens sun damage, and stimulates collagen production with a deep exfoliation of the outer skin layer with no downtime.
Add-in, $95

Body Treatments

Aroma Reflex Therapy
Drawing from oriental diagnosis and constitutional analysis, this aromatic inspired, light-touch therapy explores the connection between the emotional and physical body. Your journey begins with a balancing reflexology treatment. Essential oils are then introduced as the medium for harmonizing the nervous system and promoting deep relaxation.
90 minutes, $300 / $315
Citrus Body Polish
Our C+C vitamin scrub utilizes a micro-granulated citric scrub to boost exfoliation and skin regeneration. The micro-granulated citric scrub boosts exfoliation and skin regeneration. A deeply rich cream application, featuring soft citrus notes, soothes and protects the skin’s lipid barrier while delivering a boost of vitamins and amino acids to hydrate and maintain tone and elasticity and prevent the signs of aging in the skin.
60 minutes, $210 / $225
Reflexology is based on the principle that the entire body may be accessed through specific reflex areas in the feet which correspond to the glands, organs and structures of the body. Rooted in ancient healing practices, reflexology addresses the body's energy imbalance via pressure points to restore balance and optimal health. This comprehensive therapy is as therapeutic as it is relaxing.
60 minutes, $215 / $230
This treatment utilizes stretching, joint compression, and brisk massage techniques pre or post-workout to help prevent or alleviate the aches and pains of overworked muscles while improving performance. LightStim® LED light therapy increases circulation and accelerates the body’s inherent pain-relieving process while relieving minor muscle and joint pain with a subtle warmth.
60 minutes, $200 / $215 90 minutes, $290 / $305 120 minutes, $385 / $400


Balancing Gemstone Massage
This subtle energy-harmonizing massage addresses imbalances from mental or physical stress, travel, or lack of sleep. The experience incorporates four distinctive aromatic, herb-infused massage oils applied with intention in a special sequence. Raindrop herbal oil therapy, a luxurious back massage, and a cooling crystal wand facial rejuvenation combine for the ultimate transformation.
60 minutes, $210 / $225 90 minutes, $300 / $315
Deep Stone
A relaxing massage with heated stones to help release tension and offer deep relaxation.
90 minutes, $300 / $315 120 minutes, $395 / $410
Deep Tissue
Slow specific strokes and focused pressure reach deep into muscles while releasing chronic tension. A blend of wintergreen, rosemary, juniper, and sage essential oils are used to relieve pain and soothe sore muscles.
60 minutes, $200 / $215 90 minutes, $290 / $305
Massage Boosters
Extend your massage with an additional treatment.
Bath Soak 30 minutes, $95
Citrus Body Polish 30 minutes, $95
Hand and Foot Massage 30 minutes, $95
Manual Lymph Drainage 30 minutes, $95
Herbal Shea Butter Scrub 30 minutes, $95
Soothing and restorative prenatal massage using pillows to provide full relaxation and comfort. Rose quartz massage stones are used to open the heart chakra and raise consciousness. This nurturing treatment incorporates an organic prenatal body oil designed to meet the extra skincare needs during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Cocoa butter, rosehip oil, raspberry leaf, lavender, and green mandarin oils offer subtle calming and uplifting aromas. Available after the first trimester.
60 minutes, $200 / $215
Suitest Massage
Guests of the resort may enjoy a Deep Tissue or Valencia Signature massage in the privacy of their casita.
$50 fee plus price of massage.
The Focused Five
A targeted massage utilizing skin-soothing herbal shea butter to focus on the hands, feet, head, neck, and shoulders. This balancing experience concludes with a soothing scalp massage incorporating warm jojoba oil.
60 minutes, $200 / $215
The Valencia Signature
A customized massage crafted according to your individual preferences and needs.
60 minutes, $200 / $215 90 minutes, $290 / $305 120 minutes, $385 / $400
Thermastone Massage
Utilizing warm and cool river stones to create a deep and penetrating massage, stone therapy promotes tissue integrity, cleansing, deep relaxation and the balancing of energy centers.
90 minutes, $300 / $315
120 minutes, $395 / $410

The Salon

Shampoo/Blow Dry
Deep Conditioning Treatment
Hot Tools Styling
Special Event Styling
Make-Up Application
Shellac Manicure
A perfecting manicure that includes a soak, trim, buff, exfoliation, and hydrating cream application, finished with the 14-day nail color of your choice. Removal services are also available.
75 minutes, $110/$120
Shellac Removal
15 minutes, $25
Valencia Manicure
Indulge your hands with a soak, trim, buff, and hydrating cream application. Select the polish of your choice.
45 minutes, $65/$75
30 minutes, $55/$65 (for gents)
Valencia Pedicure
Treat your feet with a soak, trim, buff, exfoliation, and hydrating cream application. Select the polish of your choice.
60 minutes, $95/$105
45 minutes, $80/$90 (for gents)
Freshly Squeezed
Enhance the signature Valencia manicure and pedicure with a boost of Vitamin C. Begin this hand and foot ritual with a mandarin exfoliation followed by a citrus soufflé mask to cleanse and nourish. A firming cream application concludes this intensely hydrating experience.
120 minutes, $210/$220
Hand & Foot Nirvana
Simply euphoric. After soaking your hands and feet in a calming bath of organic alpine herbs, essential oils, aloe, and coconut crème, the arms and legs are luxuriously scrubbed and exfoliated with shea butter blended with fine mineral salts. An antioxidant-rich honey and Himalayan goji berry mask is applied to both hands and feet. Relaxation deepens with a hand and foot massage. Lastly, the fingers and toes are manicured and polished.
120 minutes, $210/$220

Spa Packages

Available Tuesdays – Thursdays

Spa Packages

The Classics
Treat yourself to our signature spa offerings. The Signature Facial (60 minutes), the Valencia Signature Massage (60 minutes), and lunch at The Spa ($30 credit).
The Organics
Where the purest organic treatments meet California-inspired luxury. Our Signature Facial (60 minutes), our Balancing Gemstone Massage (60 minutes), and lunch at The Spa ($30 credit).
You Had Me at Spa Day
The perfect package for a group of friends. Enjoy a day spent poolside combined with treatments at the spa. Our Signature Massage (60 minutes), lunch at The Spa ($30 credit), a Bath Soak (30 minutes), and a glass of Cava.
$285 per person (minimum of 4 guests required)

Private Training

Fascial Stretch Therapy
Private, $150
Meditation - 60 Minutes
Semi-Private / $75 per person
Private / $130
Private Group Class / $300
Personal Training - 60 Minutes
Semi-Private / $75
Private / $130
Pilates - 60 Minutes
Semi-Private / $75 per person
Private / $130
Private Group Class / $300
Yoga - 60 Minutes
Semi-Private / $75 per person
Private / $130
Private Group Class / $300

Poolside Cabanas

Reserve your own private oasis to experience the spa pool at its finest. This lush cabana retreat comes complete with a VIP wait service and a variety of other spa treats. Enjoy Rein’s fresh menu of signature Rancho Valencia cocktails and Coastal Ranch dining without lifting a finger.

Cabanas are available by reservation for a full or half day through the Resort or Spa concierge. Melt into the shade of your own private cabana with a complimentary welcome glass of cava, fruit, snacks, and soft drinks, flatscreen television, sun loungers, and spa sunscreen amenity.

Call your Spa Concierge at 858-750-6490 to reserve.


Stay & Play Spa

With the completion of a grand spa renovation in June of 2021, be the first to enjoy the expanded relaxation and lounge areas, dedicated facial rooms with beautifully-tiled outdoor showers, and gorgeous landscaping of the impossibly romantic Spa at Rancho Valencia.

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Stay & Play Tennis

Our Stay & Play Tennis package is designed for tennis enthusiasts and offers the best in customized instruction, plus the perfect reprieve in the comfort of a luxurious newly designed suite.

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Stay & Play Golf

Take to the area’s most prestigious fairways with our Stay & Play Golf package. With complimentary use of brand new men's and women's Calloway golf clubs, leave your clubs at home and allow our golf concierge to book your tee time. Enjoy perfect San Diego weather on the greens and fairways of some of the most sought-after golf courses in the region.

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